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I’m a country kid and a rural gypsy, raised on properties in southern QLD and the New England high country of northern NSW, and having never lived in a capital city. After spending a few good years in Central West NSW, I've recently moved to Stanley TAS. I’m passionate about rural Australia, life on the land, the ingenuity of people and characters you meet along the way. This is evident in my artworks – there’s a lot of creatures you might have seen on our place at various times as I grew up. 

I grew up in an artistic family.  My grandmother was a full-time artist, jumping between sculpture and painting.  It was my grandmother who encouraged my cousins and I to paint and draw, mould little sculptures with clay and use mixed media to create artworks in little workshops she’d set up to keep us kids busy.  My grandfather was also a fan of oil painting and used this medium to change pace from his busy life in the business world to home life – he and I have this in common. 

My 9-to-5 job is a high-paced, analytical, numbers game that really makes you use the left side of my brain.  Art allows me to switch to the right side of my brain at the end of the day and almost works as a form of meditation.  Painting is a way to connect with my family and my roots, to get a little zen in my life and to create something that brings me joy. 

I hope you enjoy having looking through my portfolio of works, and feel free to drop a line if you'd like to know anything else!

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